We provide on-site repairs and service with our mobile workstation, without having to bring your item to the workshop.



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Industrial & Hospital Lab Equipment Commercial & Office Equipment Consumer & Home Equipment
PLCs, Process Control Contraptions, 3 Phase Motor Control Circuits, Analyzers, Incubators, et cetera. CRT-LCD-PLASMA TVs, Computers, Computer Monitors, LCD Projectors, HiFi-Home Theatre, et cetera. Computer – PC Laptop, Printers, Scanners, Photocopier, Paper Shredders, Water Dispensers, et cetera.


Don’t through away your equipment because a particular control unit has failed and you can’t get the spare. MEEC re-manufactures the part to give the equipment a new lease of life.


We have pleasure of introducing ourselves as a company fully equipped with modern repair and service work station.

We feel that, we have a proven commitment and ability to exceed customer expectation, in having been repairing and servicing equipment for many of our esteemed clients.

We commit ourselves to do repair/service the soonest time possible.

Where equipment takes more time under repair, we provide standby equipment on emergency cases.

The company guarantees security of all equipment in our trust, having ensured that all the necessary precautions pertaining to security are taken care of.

Check in and checkout deliveries of the equipment transport are guaranteed to ensure that turnaround time is as short as possible.


We provide on-site repairs and service with our mobile workstation, without having to bring your item to the workshop.


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MEEC has decades of electronics experience ranging from pocket radio repair to Plasma TV repair - Assembling of electronics devices and electronics research projects. MEEC speaks not only English, but speaks also electronic.


We have been in the repair/service business for many years - From Valve age, through solid state to integrated world. We are fully equipped with Modern repair and service work station.

Circuit Diagrams

Working on a specific section of an equipment, some capacitors kaput, some resistors discoloured or printed circuit charred? You need a schematic diagram or board photo of that specific section. Just call, SMS, email or mail your order and schematic or board photo will be sent to you.