Modern LCD Monitor

As computers become more and more necessary in offices and also at home, the space consuming CRT monitors (in addition to other disadvantages), are rapidly being replaced by LCD monitors.

Service technicians are being compelled to keep up with modern electronics to be able to service and repair this piece of equipment.

Here is a book for all electronics technicians who engage in ventures and serious repairs of LCD Monitors.

The author has made the book speak, explaining everything simply and understandably, giving you clear guidelines and elaborate repair methods with an enjoyable style which is supported by lots of clear illustrations

The reader therefore, holds in his or her hand, more than LCD Monitor repairs book. It will help the electronics service technician to acquire unlimited knowledge in LCD Monitor technology and use the knowledge for profitable repairs.

This book is basically aimed at persons intending to pursue a career in LCD Monitor repair and service. It provides information in relation to basic components, LCD Monitor principles, troubleshooting procedures, repair and service.

With the ever evolving technology, this book should be a great help to anyone in LCD Monitor repair industry. The information is arranged in a practical approach which is certainly the most convenient and worthwhile method of gaining handy knowledge quickly and easily. You will learn how to test LCD components, how each unit works, how to troubleshoot LCD Monitor circuits, how to identify test points and learn both conventional and contemporary faultfinding procedures.

The information presented in this book is as a result of many years of practical experience with electronic equipment – assembling, troubleshooting and repair. A great deal of practical and analysis has gone into each section. By reading this book you acquire a wealth of information which will save you time, energy and, most importantly, money.

Once the basic principles and techniques of a new technology are well understood, trouble-shooting procedures are easy. In this book, I have briefly dealt with LCD technology and concentrated on practical basics of LCD Monitor. I have also discussed remedial measures to be taken to rectify common faults occurring in LCD Monitors.

Read this book, and make the best use of this new technology.

All your suggestions, comments and criticism in regard to this book shall be gratefully received. Please feel free to email or write to me.

I also humbly call upon your contribution in assembling the NEXT edition.

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Modern LCD Monitor

Introduction and Troubleshooting


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